Requirements for Pre Internship Examination

  1. Certified Copy of Degree (MD, MBBS, MB.ChB, DDS., MDS. ), or introductory letter from the College {For those who trained inside Tanzania}
  2. Certified copy of O – Level Secondary Education Certificates (form IV)
  3. Certified copy of A – Level Secondary Education Certificates (form VI)
  4. Certified copy of Diploma certificate (if you are diploma holder)
  5. Certified copy of Birth Certificate
  6. Certified copy of Passport,(if not Tanzanian)
  7. Certified Copy of Degree (MD, MBBS, MB.ChB, DDS., MDS. ) {For those who trained outside Tanzania}
  8. Certificate of evaluation of academic qualifications from Tanzania Commission for Universities (if trained outside Tanzania)
  9. One passport size photograph


  • All Document must be in pdf format except passport size photograph which can be in image format(jpg,png,gif). And the size of each document must be less than 500KB
  • Each document must be scaned separately. Because you will be uploading one document to another
  • Documents which are not in English language must be interpreted by a recognized authority and be attached with the documents of the original language.
  • To those applicants who are willing to do internship at Lugalo Military Hospital, they must first go to Lugalo Military Hospital and ask to do internship. Then you will be given a letter of approval which then must be uploaded to the system
  • Original documents/ certificates must be made available for inspection
  • For Tanzanians, there is no fee required
  • For Non Tanzanians, must pay a none refundable amount of 50 USD
  • Payment shall be done by using control number which will be generated during application process
  • Information on how to pay by using control number will be displayed to your profile
  • Allowance of three days must be assumed to process registration
  • No application will be accepted without proper documents for registration and payment information
  • If your application was blocked due to lack of proper documents, you suppose to login to your account then upload those missing documents.

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