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Registration & Licensing

The Council provide Registration and License to Practitioners. The type of registration given depends on qualification level of practitioners.

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Training & Examination

The Council supervise and Coordinate Training and Examination to Practitioners. Also the council approves health training institutions
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The Council supervise and Coordinate the continuous Professional Development(CPD) to Practitioners. Each Practitioner must do CPD Activities
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Complaints Management

The council deals with all Medical, Dental and Allied Health Practitioners who are alleged to be unfit to practice. such complaints shall be lodged to the Council

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Frequently Asked Questions about Registration/Application

How can I apply for the renew of practicing license

In order to apply for practicing license/Renew practicing license; Log in to your MCT account then go to application details. Click on New Application and fill the application form. In filling application form;

  • At registration status field select type of registration which you have e.g., Temporary, Full, License to Practice (AMO/ADO), Enrolment, Enlistment or Limited Registration for foreigners.
  • Provide registration date of your registration type.
  • Are you practicing select - YES
  • Registration Request, select Practicing License/ Renew Practicing License
  • Who is paying for you – Select either myself if you pay yourself or organization of your organization is paying for you
  • Collection center - Select option where you want to collect your license

How can I get control number so as to pay my previous debts

To generate control number for your previous debts; log in to your MCT account then go to previous debts where you will see all your outstanding debts. Tick on checkbox besides each outstanding debt then confirm and generate control number

How can I get my certificate/License?

The following are options which you can use to collect your certificate/License

  1. MCT Office Dodoma
    You can opt to come to the MCT Office Dodoma so as to collect your certificate/license. Also, you can send someone so as to collect it for you. But if you send someone to collect for you, you suppose to write a letter to registrar office so as to authorise him/her. Give the letter to the one whom you want to collect for you, and he/she will bring it to the office.
  2. Regional Medical Officer (RMO)
    This option helps the practitioners to collect the certificates/License through RMO office. Therefore, if you want to collect your certificate/license at RMO office, you can choose this option during making application.
  3. District Medical Officer (DMO)
    This option helps the practitioners to collect the certificates/License through DMO office. Therefore, if you want to collect your certificate/license at DMO office, you can choose this option during making application.
  4. Medical Officer in Charge (MOI)/Director
    This option helps the practitioners to collect the certificates/License through Medical Officer in Charge/Director of his/her working facility. Therefore, if you want to collect your certificate/license at Medical Officer in Charge/Director you can choose this option during making application.
  5. Individual
    This option helps EMS to deliver a certificate/License to you for your own cost (i.e., 15,000/= within Tanzania).

I have previous debts while I paid them

If the system generated outstanding debts for you while you had already paid them, you suppose to upload the receipt of payment to the system so as to reconcile it.
How to upload:
Login to your MCT account then go to Document Details. Click on add new document. Select document type e.g., Receipt of retention 2016 then upload.

My application is approved but not printed

Usually, the application is printed at the time when the practitioner comes to the office to collect it or when the office dispatches them. Therefore, if you see that your application is not printed and you opted to collect at MCT Office, you suppose to come to the office for collection purpose and it will be printed after your arrival. But if you opted to collect either though individual or RMO or DMO or MOI, the printout is done at the time of dispatching them.

Frequently Asked Questions about CPD

What is CPD?

 Is a range of purposeful learning activities, both formal and informal, that health care providers undertake throughout their career to improve performance, develop, maintain and update knowledge, skills, and attitudes in order to provide safe, ethical, legal, and effective care to patients, clients, and the community.

Why do we need CPD?

  • CPD facilitates healthcare workers to acquire new knowledge and skills in order to change attitudes and keep pace with changing health care developments such as the emergence of new diseases, technological advances, new interventions; and gain professional confidence when changing roles or taking on new responsibilities.
  • It enables health care providers to demonstrate accountability and integrity in the provision of quality care and services of an acceptable standard to meet the needs and expectations of patients, clients, and the community.
  • It also allows health care providers to identify gaps in practice and, through sustainable lifelong learning, enhance their professional competencies. CPD is a motivating factor in meeting the requirements for re-licensure, retention, and promotion.

What is a CPD cycle?

Means the calendar year from January to December.

What will happen if I do not participate in CPD activities?

You will be unable to renew your practicing license, therefore practicing without a valid license is an offense under the Medical Act.

How many CPD points do I need to acquire?

A minimum of 20 CPD points shall be acquired annually by practicing Medical Doctors, Dentists, and Allied Health Professionals

Are there any costs in engaging in CPD activities?

There are many CPD activities that are free of charge and accessible online through the MCT platform   However some CPD activities have a fee to attend. You may choose to participate on these depending on your interest.

Will participating in CPD make me loose working hours and incur expenses?

No, refer to the CPD activities categories in the MCT CPD guideline, there are CPD activities done in a working area without interfering with your work and there are CPD activities that can be done on your own time.

Are foreign practitioners required to undertake CPD activities?

  • Yes, it is by law that any practitioner (Foreigner or Tanzanian), in order for renewal of his/her practicing license, should have the allocated CPD points.
  • “A practiclicenseence shall not be renewed unless the applicant proves that he has undergone continuing professional development, in the manner prescribed in the regulations” (The Medical, Dental, and Allied Health Professionals Act 2017)

Are international CPD activities recognized by the council?

  • Yes, we encourage practitioners to take online international CPD activities that have assessments.
  • Practitioners will get CPD points by Claiming through their MCT accounts

Is it necessary to get points from all categories?

No, not necessary, you can get all CPD points even in one category, but category 1 has a limitation, you can get a maximum of 8 points in category one but other categories have no limitation.

Can excess CPD points be carried forward?

No, you’re required to attain a minimum of 20 CPD points for each calendar year and this is to ensure you are remaining UpToDate in your practice.

How does one claim CPD points?

You have to login into your MCT account, then open or search the system menu then go to the feature marked CPD, open go to CPD points claim form, open fill out the form, and upload a verification document that can be a certificate, letter or verified attendance sheet, then click submit, you will wait for a response within 5 working days.

How many points does a CPD facilitator get?

2 CPD points.

How many points do you get for developing peer reviewed educational materials?

10 CPD points.

I’m not employed how can I get CPD points?

  • According to the MCT guideline, there are 4 CPD activities categories, ranging from self-informal learning to formal training of which you can acquire CPD points, most of these activities do not need you to be employed somewhere.
  • And also, there are online activities where you can get your CPD points, some are accredited Online platforms and some are not, accredited online CPD activities are the National eLearning platform and World containing education alliance (WCEA) which is an international CPD provider that has made an alliance with MCT and they offer so many CPD activities that you get CPD points automatically in your account. For other Online activities not accredited by MCT your will have to claim CPD points.

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