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19/11   Renew Practicing License - " All Practitioners are required to renew their practicing license before end of March"
Management of Complaints

Lodge your complaint against Practitioner(Wasilisha lalamiko lako dhidi ya mtaalamu)

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Pre Internship Examination

For those Medical, Dental and Allied Health Students who are expecting to do internship programme for the ...

Post Internship Examination

For those Medical, Dental and Allied Health practitioners who completed their internship training  shall be ...


Release of Post Internship Examination Results

Post Internship Examination Results is now released . Login to your account so as to see your results.

Approved CPD Activities

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Our Services

The Council provide Registration and License to Practitioners. The type of registration given depends on qualification level of practitioners.

The Council supervise and Coordinate Training and Examination to Practitioners. Also the council approves health training institutions.

The Council supervise and Coordinate the continuous Professional Development(CPD). Each Practitioner must do CPD Activities.

The council deals with all Medical, Dental and Allied Health Practitioners who are unfit to practice. such complaints shall be lodged to the Council.

Frequently Asked Questions about Registration/Application

How can I apply for the renew of practicing license
In order to apply for practicing license/Renew practicing license; Log in to your MCT account then go to application details. Click on New Application and fill the application form. In filling application form; At registration status field select type of registration which you have e.g., Temporary, Full, License to Practice (AMO/ADO), Enrolment, Enlistment or Limited Registration for foreigners. Provide registration date of your registration type. Are you practicing select - YES Registration Request, select Practicing License/ Renew Practicing License Who is paying for you – Select either myself if you pay yourself or organization of your organization is paying for you Collection center - Select option where you want to collect your license Submit Upload required documents(if not yet uploaded) Generate control number if you pay yourself OR Select an organization if you are paid by organization.  
How can I get control number so as to pay my previous debts
To generate control number for your previous debts; log in to your MCT account then go to previous debts where you will see all your outstanding debts. Tick on checkbox besides each outstanding debt then confirm and generate control number
How can I get my certificate/License?

Frequently Asked Questions about CPD

What is a CPD cycle?
What will happen if I do not participate in CPD activities?
Why do we need CPD?
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